Dana (Donations)

I offer my teachings free of charge according to the Buddhist practice of generosity or dana, which is one of the main heart practices. For 2500 years, the practice of generosity has been taught as a way to develop loving-kindness and compassion, and deepen our awareness of our interconnectedness. Traditionally in Buddhist cultures, teachers received no payment for their instruction. In return, students saw to it through their voluntary generosity, their dana, that the teacher’s basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and medicine were provided. 

I am deeply touched and sincerely grateful for any dana I receive. I use these donations to support my own practice to ensure that my teachings are continually enriched. Beyond this, I donate dana offered to me to non-profits supporting basic community needs such as animal rescue, public education and social equity.

Student dana can be sent via email to sallie-dana@salliedewitt.com using any payment app like Venmo, PayPal or Zelle.

Thank you!

Photo courtesy of Jane Emley